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No medical exams.
In minutes, today.
No need to delay.
No need to speak with an agent.

No Exams

No medical exams or blood tests, just a few health questions online. 

Lump Sum of Money

Secure your family's economic future in the event you're no longer there for them. Make sure they're able to pay the mortgage or rent, the kid's education, final expenses, credit cards... imagine the pressure in addition to the loss. Don't let crowdfunding be your policy. 

Smart idea

It's so easy to do, and with the amounut of coverage you can get, there's really no excuse to not protect your family. Your car has protection right? What's more important?  Exactly!!

Apply 100% online

In the time it takes you to eat a leafy green salad, with cherry tomatoes, avocado, blue cheese, spring onions... oh, ok, sorry... you can have 100's of thousands of dollars of coverage in place for your family from A+ rated carriers for less than what you're paying for all those premium TV channels.

Speak with an agent

Have some questions about life insurance? Beneficiaries? What if this or that? What happens when...? No problemo. Just book a hassle free call for free answers to all your life insurance questions.

Life Insurance Basics


Today's Rate Will Be Your Best Rate

Purchasing life insurance early typically sets you up for your
best rates. The cost of purchasing life insurance can increase
by 8% to 12%, on average, for each year you delay.
the moment you sign your policy, your rate is locked in and
won’t change
during the policy’s term.


Don't Wait Until You Have Kids

 Birthrates have declined for women in their 20s and jumped for women in their late 30s and early 40s. Having life insurance in place before having children assures you lock in a considerably lower rate. A 30 year/500k policy for a 25 year old is roughly $27/month. The same policy for a 40 year old is roughly $47/month.


What Does Life Insurance Cover Anyway?

For instance, policy proceeds are often used for mortgage payments, debts, tuition, and everyday expenses. Ultimately, it's up to your beneficiaries to decide how to use the payout. Proceeds are paid in a lump sum and are generally tax-free.


Life is full of joys and tears, and yet, lasts only for a set amount of years.
Our legacy, however, endures endlessly through our loved ones throughout the decades and years.
Let us keep them in mind as we plan beyond our own lifetime on this earth.
Our ultimate goal is to create lasting relationships and provide excellent service for years to come. At Finanz Freedom, we are commited to helping you find the perfect financial tools to secure your family's financial freedom and future - on any budget.
We look forward to serving you.

If you have questions about life insurance, we can help. Click here to get answers. No pressure, just accurate information. We'd love the opportunity, thanks.
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